Journalist and Consultant



Communications Consultant.



My LinkedIn bio will tell you this: Experienced journalist and strategic communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in public relations and media. Skilled in writing, digital and social media strategy, and media relations. Natasha's work has been featured in Fortune, HuffPost, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Time, Food and Wine, WEF, The Boston Herald, People, and Southern Living.

But I’d like to think I can give you a little more than that. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a writer. In grade school I wrote poetry and short stories, many of which I illustrated—poorly.

9/11, the invasion in Iraq, and the War on Terror all took place in tandem with my political awakening, and my fiction writing quickly evolved into non-fiction. I consumed the news and non-fiction books at an alarming rate and found myself writing about current events, my reactions, thoughts, and opinions. My obsession with US domestic and foreign policy led me to pursue a B.A. and later an MSc in political science. When I graduated, though, I realized that ‘political scientist’ wasn’t really the job I was looking for. So I pivoted back to my first love, writing, and have worked at a number of outlets since.

Rather than continuing to give you a rundown of my CV, I’d rather let my words do the talking. So feel free to check out some of my published work and an overview of the comms work I’ve done. And if you somehow still haven’t had enough of me, you can read some of my personal musings on Medium or Twitter.